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We are proud to be a preferred tag & label printer of:
DuPont Tyvek
Frequently Asked Questions
Below are the top questions our customer service team is asked most frequently. If your question is not answered below, or if you still have questions, please contact our customer service team directly and we will be more than happy to assist you.
Q. What is the best way to contact Kay Toledo Tag?
We want to make it easy for our customers during their experience with us, so we are willing to work with whatever method(s) is desired. We have live customer service representatives that will answer you over the phone, email, fax or traditional mail. Either way, our friendly customer service team is always ready to help you in any way you prefer.
Q. What are Kay Toledo Tag’s business hours?
Our office is open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday. We always have on-staff personnel during those hours to assist our customers. A response to all emails, voicemails and faxes received during non-business hours will be replied to within 16 hours of receipt. We are closed for most major holidays, so please contact us around the holidays for further details.
Q. What products and services does Kay Toledo Tag offer?
We are proud to offer the tag & label industry a complete product line of tags, labels, business forms, commercial printing and much more. Please navigate our website to learn more about us and what we offer. Our customer service team would be happy to work with you in generating a custom sample packet that addresses your interests and showcases our diverse product lines.
Q. Where can I find more information about the product lines Kay Toledo Tag offers?
For a complete list of our capabilities or for custom inquiries that might not be listed, we have a technical service team with more than a hundred years of combined industry experience that can work with you in finding or creating a custom solution for your requests. We work with a vast network of suppliers and manufacturers so if we cannot help you, we will gladly point you in the right direction.
Q. How do I get a quote or pricing from Kay Toledo Tag?
Our customer service team is ready to gather details and information from customers through whichever method they choose to use in starting a quote. We are also able to take details over the phone. However, pricing will be provided back from us in a formal quote detailing the specifics to ensure that pricing is accurate for everything that has been requested.
Q. What is the minimum order quantity that Kay Toledo Tag will accept?
Our stock items come pre-packaged in quantities of 1,000, but on custom orders our minimum quantity is 100. We are able to assist large companies with high-volume orders where quantities are in the millions, but excel in our ability to accommodate small businesses with even the smallest orders. Always remember, set-up costs are fixed regardless of order size, so smaller quantities are not as cost effective.
Q. What is the average processing/production time for orders?
The average stock order (10,000 and under) can be processed, packaged and shipped within one week. Exceptions will occur depending on custom order specifics and details, but we pride ourselves on an industry leading turnaround time. We are a customer-driven company that strives to meet our customers’ needs and proud to meet the delivery dates that are given to our customers.
Q. How do I place an order with Kay Toledo Tag?
To confirm that every detail and specification of quotes are correct for our customers, we do require that all orders placed with us are received in writing. Orders can be sent to us by email, fax or traditional mail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Upon receiving each order, we will send you an order acknowledgment along with a ship date for your order.
Q. What is the fastest way to get a quote for a repeat order or updated pricing for an old quote?
Each of our invoices and sales order acknowledgments contain a 7-digit sales order number. Each of our quotes contain a separate 7-digit quote number. By providing either of those numbers to our customer service team, we will quickly be able to access your order history, update any changes or requests and provide our current pricing.
Q. Will you match competitor pricing?
We will look into any opportunity presented to us by a customer and will not only strive to match, but beat a competitor’s pricing. While not always possible, in most cases a simple change or adjustment could result in a big cost savings. We operate in a competitive environment and are proud of our ability to offer the best quality, quickest turnaround times and lowest costs in the industry.
Q. How do I check the status of my order or get an update on it?
At any time, feel free to contact our customer service team to get an instant update on where your order currently is in production. Our customer service team has access to a tracking system that follows orders through our facility. However, when checking to improve on a delivery date or other request, it will require a longer response time.
Q. How can I pay my bill or get a copy of my invoice?
We send out invoices for every order the same day a job ships to the billing address we have on file and can also include samples (if requested). We currently accept payments by check, credit card and if established, ETF and wire-transfer. If you need another copy or have questions regarding your invoice, please contact our accounting department.
Q. How do I apply for a line of credit?
In the 'Order' section of our website, our credit application packet is attached for you to open, view and either save or print out a copy to complete. Please complete the packet and send it to our accounting department by email, fax or traditional mail. Our accounting team will review your application for a line of credit with us and contact you by the means requested.
Q. What kind of artwork do you accept?
We are able to accept any form of artwork from our customers. We are able to start from scratch using your drawing, an idea or concept to create custom artwork to your liking in designing a product. We have a dedicated, in-house art department that utilizes some of the most updated graphic arts software and equipment in the industry and can also use artwork that is already established and sent in.
Q. What are Kay Toledo Tag's Product Terms and Warranties?
Located on the bottom left-hand corner of our website, we have a link to all of our product terms, conditions and warranties. This is updated and reviewed every year and supplemented with every order. Please contact our customer service team for any questions regarding our product terms and conditions.
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